Board of Directors Committees

Each member of the Board of Directors also serves as a member of one (or more) of four committees with preliminary oversight of the co-op's most important areas of focus and work. Projects, topics and proposed plans are first presented to committees, and then are taken as recommendations to the full Board.
* Board Chairman Ben Flencher is an ex-officio member of any committee.

The committees are:

Audit & Finance

Russell Jurk – Chair
Byron Balke
Robert Mikeska
Bryan Bracewell

The Audit & Finance Committee is responsible for selecting and recommending an independent financial auditor to the Board. The committee is also responsible for reviewing the auditor’s reports, meeting with the auditor, responding to auditor recommendations and reporting the results to the Board. The committee will also periodically review and recommend changes to the cooperative’s board policies.

Member & Employee Services

Roderick Emanuel – Chair
Milton Shaw
Shana Whiteley
Bryan Bracewell

The Member and Employee Services Committee is responsible for reviewing and reporting to the board on the cooperative’s strategy and direction related to member interactions and engagement.  The committee will assist in the development and review of the cooperative’s member survey, electric rates, economic development initiatives and community involvement.  The committee is also responsible for establishing and maintaining fair and competitive benefits for cooperative personnel and retirees.  The committee receives reports from management on the performance and effectiveness of Bluebonnet’s employee benefits.  Annually, the committee reviews Bluebonnet’s existing employee benefits, develops benefits strategies and recommends benefits package to the Board. 

Energy Services

Robert Mikeska – Chair
Russell Jurk
Debbi Goertz
Shana Whiteley

The Energy Services Committee is responsible for reviewing and reporting to the Board on the cooperative’s strategy and direction related to power supply and electric distribution. The committee maintains a comprehensive understanding of Bluebonnet’s wholesale power contracts, opportunities for generation acquisition, wholesale market conditions and alternative generation strategies. The committee also receives reports from management concerning the performance, planning and investment in Bluebonnet’s electric distribution system.

Legal & Governance

Milton Shaw – Chair
Byron Balke
Roderick Emanuel
Debbi Goertz 

The Legal & Governance Committee oversees the cooperative’s legal functions, assists the Board’s oversight of material, business, and operational risks and exposures of the cooperative, and provides advice/counsel to the Board and other committees of actions, activities and initiatives to mitigate risks and exposures. The Committee reviews significant claims and litigation with General Counsel and receives reports from General Counsel of material legal activities and the effectiveness of the cooperative's legal and governance efforts. They recommend actions and/or improvements to the Board and oversee compliance with the cooperative’s charter, bylaws, and Board policies. If appropriate, they recommend amendments or changes to maintain legal, effective governance.