What We Do, and What You’ll Need

First, you will need to schedule a staking appointment. A Bluebonnet technician will meet you at your property to determine the needs and requirements for electric service. This includes a discussion about your plans for the location — whether power is needed for a new home, barn, water well, commercial business or other non-residential service.

To ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible the following can be useful, although not required for your staking appointment:

  • Know the location of the property lines
  • Know the location of the septic system, telephone, cable, gas and water lines.
  • Mark the four corners of the structure.
  • Provide a copy of your deed or contract of sale to verify ownership of property.
  • Have access to additional easements to provide service to your location, as necessary. We’ll also determine whether any rights-of-way must be cleared or trimmed before the line is built.
  • Consult with your builder or electrician to know the size of your electric load. If it will exceed 200 amps, an electric load analysis is required. Download commercial load sheet.
  • Know the permanent location of the metering point (where meter will be located on house or pole, clearly marked).

With the above information, we’ll work with you to design the most direct or preferred route by you and discuss if you want overhead or underground service.

Once this is decided, our technician will place stakes where the pole and guy wires will be and determine the necessary engineering to provide you service. And, if all the details for the line construction have been finalized, we can also provide the cost.