MEMBER SERVICES Q&A: Winter energy savings


Shannon Barnett, member service representative

Q: I’ve been opening my window blinds and curtains during the day and changing my filters regularly, but what else can I do to save on my energy bill during the winter? 
A: If you’re closing those blinds and curtains to keep the cold air out at night, you’re off to a good start. Do you also try to keep leaves away from the outdoor unit of your HVAC and avoid running it in emergency heat mode or auxiliary heat mode? 
Find more tips for saving energy on our website under the Net Energy Market tab. 
That’s also where you can learn more about a handy way to monitor your usage and tweak your habits to improve your savings. It’s called the Energy Tracking Tool. 
The tool is easy to use. Just log into your Bluebonnet online account, and you’ll see the tracking tool on the main screen. Check out your usage and cost by billing period, day and hour, and compare it with a temperature graph over the day and time. 
Curious how little lifestyle changes can affect your bill? Just take a look at how usage increases when the kids come home from school. Have some recent weekend guests? You may see that your usage spiked for those few days. Monitoring your usage patterns allows you to become more knowledgeable about your electricity use, which alone can help you learn how to lower your bill. 
Considering the weather swings this area endures all year long, especially in the winter, it could be interesting just to see how the temperature on a given day affects your bill. Did you know that the record low for the Central Texas area is -2 degrees, set in 1949? The record high for winter in this area is 99, set in 1996. That’s Texas for you! 
Have questions about the Energy Tracking Tool? Email or call 800-842-7708 to speak to a member service representative. 
— Shannon Barnett, member service representative

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