Resolutions to save energy, money in 2017


12 New Year’s resolutions will help save electricity and money
JANUARY: Turn your thermostat down by about 10 degrees before you go to bed or leave home in the morning. You can save up to 1 percent on heating for every degree you lower the heat for eight consecutive hours. 
FEBRUARY: Pull your refrigerator away from the wall and vacuum or dust its condenser and coils. Clean coils can help prevent your fridge from overheating. 
MARCH: Spring for an annual inspection of your heating and air-conditioning system to keep it running efficiently and smoothly all summer. 
APRIL: Hire a licensed electrician to inspect your home’s wiring system (at least once a decade). 
MAY: Wash your windows – inside and out – and open the drapes. The sun can warm and brighten your rooms better through clean windows. 
JUNE: Trim your hedges, shrubs or trees to keep them far enough from your house that they don’t pose a hazard/problem, but close enough to shade windows from summer’s heat. 
JULY: Grill your dinner outside and serve fresh, cold salads as side dishes, giving your stovetop and oven a rest. 
AUGUST: Run your clothes washer, dryer and dishwasher after dark to keep heat and humidity out of the air. 
SEPTEMBER: Get that heating and air-conditioning tech back to the house for a winter heating inspection and tune-up to save on your winter bills. 
OCTOBER: Seal air leaks around windows, doors and other openings with caulk and weather-stripping. Don’t forget places where cables and wires come through walls. 
NOVEMBER: Close off your fireplace and use it just for special occasions. Every time you use it, your home’s heated air flies up the chimney. 
DECEMBER: Replace those old holiday lights with LED fixtures, which last for years and use far less energy.

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