About Winter Storm Mara and outages
Winter Storm Mara
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Bluebonnet crews and control center operators made solid progress on power restoration throughout the night, Friday, February 3. Efforts included replacing several broken poles and cross arms, removing fallen trees and repairing downed power lines. As of 7 a.m. February 4, about 100 members were without power.

Ice accumulation on trees and power lines caused extensive damage to Bluebonnet’s electric system and resulted in lengthy, large outages, especially in Bastrop, Burleson, Lee, Travis and Williamson counties.

Bluebonnet crews were prepared and began restoring power as soon as temperatures dropped and freezing rain and sleet caused ice to accumulate on trees and power lines. While restoring members’ power is the co-op’s top priority, Bluebonnet encourages members to make an emergency plan and prepare for power outages that could last into Saturday.

“Our line workers and control center operators have been working around the clock to repair damage and restore power,” said Matt Bentke, Bluebonnet’s general manager. “Ice accumulation on trees and power lines results in labor-intensive and time-consuming outages because of the damage they cause and the work required to restore power.

“Our member services and communications teams have been providing updates to members so they can take necessary measures for their comfort and safety,” Bentke said. 

Members enrolled in Outage Alerts will receive text updates (text BBOUTAGE to 85700 to register) or you can get updates on the Bluebonnet’s Facebook and Twitter pages. Thank you for your patience and understanding as Bluebonnet crews work to safely restore your power.

  • Call 911 if you have a medical emergency. Do not wait until your power is back on

  • Never go near a downed power line or touch a limb on a power line. Call 800-949-4414 to report down power lines

  • Report outages one of four ways: text OUT to 85700, call 800-949-4414, use the MyBluebonnet mobile app or submit your outage on our outage reporting page.


Winter Storm Mara caused ice to accumulate on trees and power lines, causing extensive damage to our electric system. Nearly all of the outages we have incurred are tree-related.

No. The outages our members are experiencing are not state-mandated rotating outages. The vast majority of them are caused by ice accumulation on trees and power lines damaging our electric system. Crews are working around the clock as quickly and safely as possible to repair damage and restore your power.

Bluebonnet crews are dealing with repeated outages. That means we're turning the power back on in some areas only to have fallen trees and branches hit power lines and lose power. When this occurs, Bluebonnet crews continue work in your area to remove newly fallen branches as quickly and safely as possible. Conditions are expected to improve later today as temperatures warm. We know it's inconvenient to have no power or for it be out multiple times and we'll work day and night until your power is restored.

The outages we are seeing with Winter Storm Mara cause extensive damage to our electric system. They are time-consuming, labor-intensive outages to restore. Safely restoring your power is our top priority, but because of the number of outages and extent of damage, we can’t tell you when your power will be restored. We are working around the clock to get your power back on, but we encourage you to prepare for lengthy outages and make necessary plans for your comfort and safety.

No, we do not pay for hotel rooms or other accommodations during outages caused by weather.  

No, we do not pay for food that is lost due to prolonged power outages caused by weather. You may want to check your homeowner or rental insurance policy to see if your insurance company will reimburse you.

No. Since no power is being consumed during these outages your meter is not registering any usage. We do not provide discounts or compensation as a result of outages caused by weather.

Bluebonnet works year-round to maintain and proactively cut the rights-of-way across its service area. An ideal right-of-way for electric lines is 15 feet from each side of the electric equipment. This ice storm caused trees, even out of the rights-of-way, to weigh down, break and fall in or around power lines. While we can't predict weather, we work with expereinced professionals year-round to minimize and prevent tree-related outages.

Warming centers in Bluebonnet's counties

HUH Ministries
987 HWY 95
Bastrop, TX

ONE Church Caldwell
104 TX-21
Caldwell, TX 77836

Lockhart Calvary Chapel
204 North Main St.
Lockhart, TX 78644

Manor City Hall
105 East Eggleston Street
Manor, TX