Bluebonnet awards $1.2 million in Bluebonnet Community Grants to 42 area nonprofits

Bluebonnet Electric Cooperative’s Board of Directors unanimously voted in April to award $1.2 million to 42 area nonprofit organizations. Public safety organizations received nearly half of the grants awarded. These grants will be used to purchase equipment, including wildland firefighting vehicles, radios, self-contained oxygen tanks and breathing masks and thermal imaging cameras, and make improvements to or build new fire stations and training facilities.

The other Bluebonnet grants went to nonprofit groups that provide health care, shelter, food, transportation and other vital services to people in need in the 14 counties served by the co-op. Some grants will fund important cultural activities in the community.

“In all my years on Bluebonnet’s board of directors, the Bluebonnet Community Grants program has been one of the most rewarding things we have done,” said Ben Flencher, Bluebonnet’s Board chairman. “I know my fellow directors feel the same way. During this process, our staff reviewed hundreds of grant applications. We came to truly appreciate the much-needed services these organizations provide.

“There is no greater love or commitment to our neighbors than to help someone in need, especially in a life-threatening situation. Every one of these grants will positively impact countless lives, especially the ones to public safety organizations,” Flencher said.

The 42 grants awarded in April cover capital projects, and range from $4,898 to $50,000. Bluebonnet received 143 applications during this grant cycle, requesting $6.9 million.

For a complete list of nonprofit organizations that were awarded grants, visit the Bluebonnet Community Grants webpage at

The Bluebonnet Community Grants money came from a legal settlement. The $3 million program is not funded through co-op operating revenue. During the first two cycles, Bluebonnet’s Board of Directors awarded $2.4 million to 80 area nonprofits. The remaining funds in the Bluebonnet Community Grants program will not be distributed through an application process.

“Due to the overwhelming response and the amount of money we awarded during the first two rounds we will not accept applications for a third round,” said Rachel Ellis, Bluebonnet’s chief administrative officer. “We will look at the best way to distribute the remaining funds to area nonprofits that will provide the maximum benefit to our members and communities.”

Email questions to or contact Rachel Ellis, Bluebonnet’s chief administrative officer, at 888-622-2583, ext. 7929.

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