MEMBER SERVICES Q&A: Automated calls keep you informed


— Greg Roeber, control center superintendent

Q: I recently received an automated call from Bluebonnet about an extended power outage. My neighbor didn’t get a call during the same outage, so I’m wondering how those calls go out? 
A: Glad you stayed on the line! When we anticipate that it will take several hours to restore power, we often send out automated calls to let you know that we are aware of the outage and to provide additional details, including an estimate of how long it may take to restore power. Our automated phone system allows us to get the word out efficiently to affected members. Outage updates are also posted on our Facebook and Twitter pages. 
The automated calls come across your caller ID from a toll-free number and the message announces that it is from Bluebonnet Electric Cooperative. Automated calls also are made to alert you of a planned outage or a late bill and to let you know when Bluebonnet personnel or contractors will be working on your property to trim vegetation or make system improvements. 
During extended unplanned outages, we sometimes have difficulty reaching some members because their contact information is outdated. It is important for members to make sure we have an accurate address and phone numbers so we can provide outage details. Correct contact information ensures that automated calls are received. Also, if you call Bluebonnet to report a power outage using the phone number on your account, we can more quickly locate the outage area. Identifying the location of an outage and being able to contact you when we need to access your property helps speed up power restoration. 
To update your account information, contact Bluebonnet member services at 800-842-7708 or log in to your online account at Go to the Preferences tab, update your information in the Contact Info section and click Save Changes. You can also update your contact information via our free mobile app, under the Preferences tab. 
Have more questions about our automated calls? Contact a member services representative at 800-842-7708 or
— Greg Roeber, control center superintendent

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