Bluebonnet linemen providing power to residents in remote area in Bolivia


Bluebonnet linemen Kyle Kasper, left, and Jeremy Lynch, right, depart for an NRECA International program 14-day trip to northern Bolivia. The pair are part of a 16-person team from six Texas electric co-ops building power lines to two schools, a hospital and 125 families in one of the poorest, remotest parts of the South American country.

Two Bluebonnet Electric Cooperative linemen are bringing power to residents of the remote Pando region in northern Bolivia, an area with no electricity. Kyle Kasper, of Giddings, and Jeremy Lynch, of Bastrop, are part of a team of 16 linemen from six Texas electric cooperatives that will provide power to one of the poorest areas in Bolivia.

While in Bolivia, the linemen will build power lines that will provide electricity to two schools, a hospital and 125 families. They arrived in the South American country on Nov. 7, and will return on Nov. 20.

“We are proud and excited that Kyle and Jeremy are representing Bluebonnet on this important and worthwhile mission,” said Matt Bentke, Bluebonnet’s general manager. “They’re building power lines in Bolivia essentially the same way linemen built them in rural areas of the United States, including Central Texas, more than 75 years ago. I’m certain the experience will be as rewarding for Kyle, Jeremy and the region’s residents as it was for the linemen and residents of our communities here back in the 1940s.”

Kasper, 34, is a lineman for Bluebonnet and has worked for the cooperative for 12 years. Lynch, 37, is a lineman and has worked for Bluebonnet for five years. They were each limited to 100 pounds of equipment and clothes for the trip.

Kasper and Lynch are chronicling their 14-day stay in Bolivia on Bluebonnet’s Facebook page, @BluebonnetElectric, and its Twitter feed, @BluebonnetCoop.

Since 1962, NRECA’s International program has improved the quality of life for rural communities in developing countries by providing reliable and affordable electricity. The international program has helped more than 120 million people in 43 countries, creating jobs and improving agriculture, health care, income and quality of life. Currently, NRECA International is involved in projects in Ghana, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Liberia, Haiti, Bolivia, Guatemala, Bangladesh and the Philippines.

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