Power your home or business from the sun

Adding solar panels to your home or business can be a big decision, but one that can reduce your electricity bill and impact the environment.

large-scale solar

Generate your own renewable energy

Review our step by step through the interconnection process for renewable energy resources 50kW-1MW in size.

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  1. Select a vendor

    Bluebonnet does not install solar arrays, but we are here to help you get connected to the grid. Click here for Texas Solar Energy Society's guide to choosing an installer. 

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  2. Contact Bluebonnet to review array size and buyback options

    Members have two options for solar generation buyback:

    • Sell all solar production at market value through ERCOT
    • Self-consume solar production and sell excess at market value

    ​​​​​​Needed documents:

    • 50kW packet
    • A diagram of proposed renewable energy generation facilities (usually provided by installer) including:
      • Inverter(s) or generator(s)
      • Lockable handle type safety disconnect
      • Fusing or bi-directional breaker
    • Manufacturer's specifications for the inverter(s) or generator(s) (usually provided by installer) 

    The completed and signed package should be emailed to renewables@bluebonnet.coop.

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  3. Meet with a Bluebonnet technician

    Bluebonnet will determine the metering required and any electric equipment to upgrade to support your system. 

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  4. Installation

    After your design has been approved, your vendor can proceed with the installation of your array. The vendor will typically coordinate with Bluebonnet to ensure metering requirements are met. Note, the array will be left off until Bluebonnet inspects it for safety. 

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  5. Inspection

    Bluebonnet will install appropriate meters, typically two, one for solar generation and the other for consumption. Then your system can be safely turned on. 

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