Connecting your solar system to the grid

Installing solar on your home or small business? We will walk you step by step through the interconnection process.

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Are you ready to get connected?

  1. Select your vendor

    Bluebonnet does not install solar arrays, but we are here to help you get connected to the grid. Click here for Texas Solar Energy Society's guide to choosing an installer. 


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  2. Submit application

    After Bluebonnet receives these documents from your vendor, we will contact you to explain the process in detail and answer any questions you may have. 

    Needed documents, prior to installation:

    • Interconnection Agreement packet (click here for the downloadable forms)
    • An electrical diagram of proposed renewable energy generation facilities (usually provided by installer) including:
      • Inverter(s), battery(ies) or generator(s)
      • Lockable handle type safety disconnect
      • Fusing or bi-directional breaker
    • Manufacturer's specifications for the inverter(s) or generator(s) (usually provided by installer)
    • A diagram or design should meet Bluebonnet's specifications. Find those here

    The completed and signed package may be emailed to

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  3. Installation

    After our engineering team approves the interconnection documents, your vendor will receive approval to complete the installation. Please ensure AC disconnect is off until a Bluebonnet inspection is completed. Once complete, Bluebonnet will test the system to ensure it is safe to connect.

  4. Final inspection

    Bluebonnet will install/confirm a solar capable meter is installed. It will have two readings, one for energy consumption and one for returned solar generation. An inspector will leave your system on once inspection is approved.

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  5. How you're billed

    Most members with renewables still purchase energy from Bluebonnet each month. Any Bluebonnet electricity you consume is priced at your standard rate. Any overproduction – kilowatt hours returned to the grid – is credited monthly at a rate that is based on costs from our wholesale power providers as well as any cost savings from the distribution and transmission of power. Click here for detailed information on rates and billing.  

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