How we calculate your monthly charges/credits

Our electric rate consists of two charges on your monthly bill: Wholesale power cost and Bluebonnet residential service, which includes a service availability fee. As a renewable member, you could have a production credit for the kWh that you deliver to the grid. In addition, members who live in cities that use electricity provided by Bluebonnet may be charged a franchise fee by the city.

Service Availability

The monthly expense for each meter, including billing and payment processing.

Service Availability charge = $22.50 per month


Flat fee


Bluebonnet Residential Service

The cost of delivering electricity to each member.

Bluebonnet Residential Service = $0.033047 per kWh


($0.033047 x 1,000 kWh)


Wholesale Power Cost

The cost Bluebonnet pays its power providers for generating and delivering electricity (Wholesale Power Cost) plus a possible adjustment based on fluctuations in generating costs (Power Cost Recovery Factor).

Wholesale Power Charge rate = $0.058936 per kWh

Power Cost Recovery Factor (PCRF) rate = $0.062936 (Variable)


($0.062936 x 1,000 kWh)


Member Production

The value for the electricity that is returned to the grid = 0.062290 (updates annually).


($0.062290 x 500 kWh)


Total Charge

Total of wholesale power, residential service and service availability costs, minus member production credit, for billing period. 


(based on 1,000 kWh consumption and 500 kWh solar production)

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