Understanding Your Energy Costs

How We Calculate Your Monthly Charges

Our electric rate consists of two charges on your monthly bill: Wholesale Power Cost and Bluebonnet residential service, which includes a service availability fee. In addition, members who live in cities that use electricity provided by Bluebonnet may be charged a franchise fee by the city.

Wholesale Power Cost

The cost Bluebonnet has to pay its power providers for generating and delivering electricity to its electric substations (Wholesale Power Cost) plus a possible adjustment based on fluctuations in generating costs (Power Cost Recovery Factor).

Wholesale Power Charge rate = $0.058936 per kWh

Power Cost Recovery Factor (PCRF) rate = -$0.0035 (Variable)

($0.05543 x 1,000 kWh)
Bluebonnet Residential Service

The cost of delivering electricity to each member.

Bluebonnet Residential Service = $0.033047 per kWh

($0.033047 x 1,000 kWh)
Service Availability

The monthly expense for each meter, including billing and payment processing.

Service Availability charge = $22.50 per month

Flat fee
Total Charge

Total of wholesale power, residential service and service availability costs for billing period.

Updated Oct. 2021

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Green Energy Rates

When members sign up for the Green Energy Rate, Bluebonnet will purchase the amount of energy they consume each month from a renewable source such as wind power. Here’s more information on our Green Energy Rate:

  • Costs a half-cent ($0.005) more per kilowatt hour (kWh) than regular rate.
  • Applied to entire monthly metered kWh use.
  • No minimum participation period. Members can discontinue anytime.

Learn more about Green Energy Rates »

About Your Meter

Ensuring our members are accurately billed for the energy they use is as important as providing safe, reliable electric service. Accurate bills start with the electric meter.

Meters measure how many kilowatt hours, the unit of measurement for electricity, members use. Bluebonnet’s meters are able to record energy use in hourly increments. Bluebonnet uses AMR (automatic meter reading) meters, which are read automatically and remotely each day. The daily meter reads are sent through the actual power lines to collection points, usually at the co-op’s substations, where they are transmitted through microwave communications, fiber optic cables, or both.

The meter reads then flow into Bluebonnet’s meter data management system that processes them, then sends them to our website, where our members can access their account information 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The data also goes to our billing system, which generates each members’ bill on a monthly basis.

About Security Lights

Bluebonnet provides dusk-to-dawn security lights for members for a monthly charge ranging from about $10 to just under $20, depending on the size of the light.

Most of Bluebonnet’s existing security lights use mercury vapor or high-pressure sodium lights. If your existing security light has gone out and cannot be repaired, the light will be replaced with a brighter, more energy-efficient LED light at no additional cost beyond the monthly charge.
If you want to upgrade your working security light with an LED light, there is a one-time fee of $125, in addition to the monthly charges.
A Bluebonnet member can have a security light installed on a pole for no upfront cost as long as that light is on the same pole as your meter or transformer, or within one pole of the transformer (monthly charge will apply). Otherwise, there could be a one-time installation fee in addition to the monthly charge.
A list of security light types, sizes and rates can be found on this page. (All rates are subject to change.)