Safety first
If in doubt about Bluebonnet workers, just call us

By Will Holford 

Recently, one of Bluebonnet Electric Cooperative’s tree-trimming contractors went to the home of a Bluebonnet member in Lee County to alert the family that some tree work was needed on their property and a crew would return in a few days to do the work. 

The contractor’s visit occurred just as the mother was preparing to run errands in town while her children stayed home. She felt a little uncomfortable and, after the contractor left, she made two phone calls: first to the Lee County Sheriff’s office and next to Bluebonnet’s member services. 

Contractor decalShe did the right thing. She asked questions and learned the contractor’s crew and the work being planned were legitimate. 

If you are not comfortable with someone or something happening on your property or at your home or business, Bluebonnet wants you to make a phone call to be safe and sure instead of wondering and worrying. 

Bluebonnet has dozens of employees and contract crews working in the 14 counties the co-op serves. They are trimming trees, clearing land, inspecting and replacing equipment, building new power lines and restoring power during outages. 

Bluebonnet requires its employees and contract workers to drive company vehicles marked with Bluebonnet’s and contractors’ logos and wear easily identifiable company uniforms. Bluebonnet’s vehicles typically are white with a blue Bluebonnet logo on the hood and doors. The trucks range from half-ton to large bucket and digger trucks. Bluebonnet contractors use their company trucks or vehicles with a Bluebonnet logo on the doors or hood. Bluebonnet’s contract employees should be in their company uniforms, which vary depending on the contractor and the type of the work they are doing. 

Bluebonnet encourages members to be diligent and aware of who is at their home or on their property and what work is being performed. 

Maintaining more than 11,000 miles of Bluebonnet’s power lines over 3,800 square miles is never-ending work. Most of the time Bluebonnet crews and contractors work during business hours on jobs scheduled days or weeks ahead of time. On planned jobs, we notify co-op members in advance by phone or by visiting their homes and businesses about what work will be done, when and where. But sometimes, especially during storms and outages, work is performed at all hours, with no advance notice. 

Contact Bluebonnet if someone claiming to be a Bluebonnet employee or contractor is on your property or at your home or business and is not driving a company truck or wearing a proper uniform or if something seems suspicious. Call Bluebonnet’s member services at 800-842-7708 Monday through Friday, from 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. After business hours or on weekends, if you are suspicious of a worker, call 911 or contact your local law enforcement agency.