Welcome to SteadyPay

A budget-billing solution that gives you peace of mind by leveling your electricity bill from month to month

Learn about SteadyPay

SteadyPay is Bluebonnet's convenient way to manage your electricity cost. 

That's because you pay the same levelized amount each month until the next recalculation month. You can't control the weather, but you do control your budget, and SteadyPay can help. Here are some details to ensure a smooth experience:
Consistent bill amount

You will pay the same levelized amount until the next recalculation month. The goal is to make it easier to manage your electricity expenses.

Recalculation months

Your monthly SteadyPay amount will be recalculated in April and October. These adjustments will reflect your electricity use habits from the previous 12 months.

Monthly statements

Your monthly statement will clearly indicate your new SteadyPay bill amount in April and October, so you can easily keep track of changes.

Debits and credits

Any existing debits or credits will be factored into the recalculation amount to ensure a fair adjustment based on your billing history. Credits will not be applied to the current month's SteadyPay amount due.


Payments made after billing will apply to your SteadyPay amount due. However, payments made before your bill generates will be added as a credit to your electric account.

Meter Count Changes

If meters are added or removed from your account, please contact Member Services to recalculate your monthly SteadyPay amount to allow for the usage changes.

Auto Pay

If you're enrolled in Auto Pay, your account will be charged the SteadyPay amount on the bill due date. If removed from SteadyPay, you will be charged the entire balance of your electric account on your next Auto Pay bill due date.

Removal from program

You will remain on the SteadyPay program unless you request removal or your electric service is disconnected due to non-payment. To become eligible again, members must have 12 consecutive months with no interruption in service due to non-payment.

Chat box iconsReady to enroll? Please visit any Bluebonnet member service center or call a member service representative at 800-842-7708, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.